•  What School Counselors do ?

    School counselors support all the students with success in the areas :

    1. Personal/Social   2. Academic   3. Career

    What school counselors do

    Class Lessons:

    Second Step Curriculum:
    Skills for social and academic success
    Empathy, emotion management, and problem solving

    Life Skills Curriculum (3rd –5thGrades):

    Personal self-management skills
    General social skills
    Drug resistance skills

    Safety Lessons:

    Personal safety
    Drug prevention
    Healthy choices

    Anti-Bullying Lessons:

    Identify what is bullying
    How to stop bullying

    Career Lessons:

    Exploring different interests and careers
    Needs for careers

    Other School-wideStudent Support:

    * 4th /5th Grades Leadership Group

    * TAT (Teacher Assistance Team) for school wide students support in the areas of academic/social/behavior. Parents may refer their children to TAT.

    * Section 504 Plan

    * Referring to other resources

    Other services are also available. Please contact me for any question or suggestion.