• Hello Warriors!   

    For the next few weeks (let's hope it's not months) this is will be a place to check for history lessons and/or other pieces of information.  :-)  


    Sixth Grade: Ancient Civilizations
    Before we were rudely interrupted by Covid-19, we were working on our Silk Road Journals.  Most of you took your journals home to complete.  If you have not complete your journals please do so.  On Wednesday, you can go up to the school and pick up your next packet of lessons.  This first packet will take you approximately two weeks to complete, if you are working on your history lessons for thirty minutes a day.  :-)  Take your time and do your BEST!  

               Your Silk Road packet:

                Silk Road                   March 23 - 27

                Silk Road - Part 2       March 30 - April 3

                Spring Break             April 6 -10



              Seventh Grade:
    Spokane Tribal History/ Washington State History / Pacific Northwest History
    We left working on your Native American Issues posters.  We will leave those at school for now.  Once we are giving the go ahead I will send them home for 
    you to complete.  Today, you will be receiving two packets.  I will assume if you are working on your history lessons 30 minutes a day you will have enough 
    to do for the next two weeks.  
    Your packets will include a Spokane Tribal Timeline with approximately 40 important dates for the Spokane Tribe.  You will notice that the timeline ends in
    1981 (Our Century of Survival).  Your job is to create a timeline using 20 of the date provided to you on the timeline and then research ten more important
    dates after 1981 for the Spokane Tribe.  Check your rubric to see what is needed on your timeline. 
    Next, is a packet exploring Washington State - you will need access to the internet for this assignment.  
    Your 7th grade assignments are below: 
    Explore WA                
    STOI timeline            March 23 - April 3
    STOI Timeline
    Spring Break              April 6 - 10        

     Eighth Grade:

    U.S. History - Civil War

    You left me right smack dab in the middle of our Civil War Interactive Notebook.  Hopefully, in a week or two I can send this home to you. In the mean time you will be working on a Civil War packet that is a review for you.  :-)   
    "Ms. Flett I already know this stuff," the students said.  Aww, then this review packet on the Civil War should be a breeze.  :-)  Have Fun!!!
    Your Civil War packet is below: click the link :-)
    Civil War Packet         March 23 - 27
    Civil War - Part 2        March 30 - April 3
    Spring Break             April 6 - 10

     If you are looking for a fun website that is also educational, I highly recommend http://sheppardsoftware.com My personal favorites are the geography games.  You can test your skills on state, country, capitals, and continents locatons.  Challenge your family!   Loser washes dishes! :-)