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    Below you will find a great website to use with your child to practice locating places on a map, be it states and their capitals, continents, European Countries...This is a great web site to test your own geography skills.  :-)  http://sheppardsoftware.com 


    Sixth Grade:
    Ancient World History will be our focus in the sixth grade, from Stone Age Man to the Renaissance Period in Europe. 


    Third Quarter Studies: 


    Ancient Egypt                                                      

    ·        Importance of the Nile River                                                                

    ·         Early Egyptian Rule

       Queen Hatsheput

    ·         Canopic Jar Project: create a canopic jars and using hieroglyphic to explain the function of the jar.          






    ·        Early Chinese Civilzation  (Legends, Oracle Bones, Lady Hao)                                                                                  

    ·        The Zhou Dynasty (Mandate of Heaven, Social Stucture, Confucius)           

       The Qin Dynasty (The Great Wall, The Shi Huangdi's Tomb)
       The Han Dynasty (The Silk Road)
       Chinese Writing: Project



    Seventh Grade:
    Washington State History / Pacific Northwest History


    Third Quarter Studies:


    Looking West
    Christian Missions-
          Whitman Mission: Marcus & Narcissa Whitman
          Tshimikain Mission: Elkanah & Mary Walker
          Mother Joseph
    Go West!  
          The Oregon Trail - Reasons for Going West
          Effect on the Land and the Native People
    Life in Washington Territory
          Property lines and Boundaries
          Everyday Pioneer Life
          Pioneer-Indian Conflict
          The Yakama War and Kamiakin
              The Battle of 1858 - Spokane
              Chief Garry
          Chief Sealth
          Chief Joseph and the Last Indian War
          Immigrants: New People in a New Land
                Chinese Laborers
    ** Classroom Based Assessment: CBA (State Assessment)  Causes of Conflict - The Battle of 1858 


    Eighth Grade:
    U.S. History (Ancient Man to Reconstruction)


    Third Quarter Studies: 

                 The Road to Revolution
                      Tighter British Control: Quartering Act, Sugar Act, Stamp Act, Proclamation of 1763
                      Colonial Resistance Grows: Boston Massacre, Boston Tea Party, 
                      The Road to Lexington and Concord: Intolerable Acts, First Continental Congress, The Revolution Begins
                      Declaring Independence: Battle of Bunker Hill, Declaration of Independence
                 The American Revolution     
                      The Early Years of the War: George Washington, Benedict Arnold, Battle of Saratoga
                      The War Expands: Help from Abroad, Marquis de Lafayette, Valley Forge, John Paul Jones
                      The Path to Victory: Lord Cornwallis, Battle of Yorktown, 
                 Confederation to Constitution: 1776 - 1791
                      The Confederation: Shay's Rebellion, Articles of Confederation, Confederation Congress< Northwest Ordinance
                      Creating the Constitution:Constitutional Convention, Virginia Plan, New Jersey Plan, Great Compromise,
                      Ratifying the Constitution: Bill of Rights, Majority Rule, Amendment
            ** Classroom Based Assessment, CBA (State assessment) - Constitutional Issues: