• Welcome to the Home Page of The Wellpinit Music Department!

    My name is Shawn Brehm, and I have the honor to serve as the K-12 Music Teacher in the Wellpinit School District. My daily schedule is:

            First Period - Varsity Band (8:20-9:10am)

            Second Period - Gold Band (9:14-10:04am) [7th Grade - M, W/ 6th Grade - T, Th]

            Third Period - Varsity Choir (10:14-11:04am)

            Fourth Period - EWU College in the HS [MUSC 212] (11:08-11:58)

            My afternoons are spent teaching at the Elementary:

            Mon: 12:35-1:00pm - Reifler (1,) 1:05-1:30pm - Rollins (3,) 2:10-2:35pm - 4A, 2:35-                                                                                           3:00pm - 4B

            Tues: 1:05-1:30pm - Seyler (2,) 2:10-3:00pm - 5th Grade Woodwinds

            Wed: 12:35-1:00pm - Leibrant (1,) 1:05-1:30pm - Dorris (3,) 2:10-3:00pm - 5th                                                                                                 Grade Brass and Percussion

            Thurs: 1:05-1:30pm - Hunt (2)

            On A Schedule Fridays I teach: Varsity Band (8:20-9:10am) & Varsity Choir (10:08-10:58)

            On B Schedule Fridays I have: 1st Grade (8:30-8:55am,) 2nd Grade (9:00-9:55am,)                                                                                             Kindergarten (10:00-10:25am,) 3rd Grade (10:30-10:55am)


    If you ever need to contact me either email at: sbrehm@wellpinit.org or try calling me at (509)258-4535 ext. 2190/2192.

    Thank You for your support of The Wellpinit Music Program!!!