• Alliance Schools

    Our Motto is:

    Every student can learn! And every student should have the opportunity to learn and to achieve a quality of life they desire based on their educational efforts and achievements.

    Welcome to the Wellpinit Home Alliance Program, each of our Alliance schools are truly unique to each area they are located, but in particular with the students they serve, the curriculum offered, and how it is administered.

    Our curriculum relates to the students real life and students have a meaningful say in what they are studying and in setting their own goals. Education beyond high school is encouraged and supported by our staff. We set high standards and hold our students accountable.

    We offer three programs:

    1) Classroom based assignments 

    2) Online courses

    3) GED prep courses.

    Our classes are small to enable immediate one-on-one assistance. Students work independently on computerized courses or individualized hard copy courses. We encouraged our students to take responsibility for their own education. Classes are self-paced with at least 80 percent mastery required of each student in each subject.

    Our Online program is an Internet-based program that delivers interactive, multimedia-enriched content to students in grades 9-12. Developed for 21st century learners, the online technology-based curriculum offers the core subjects of social studies and history, math, language arts, and science, along with a variety of electives.

    The Wellpinit Home Alliance Program believes that all students can learn if provided with the right educational environment, our program strives to meet students' needs in order to help them succeed.

    Shelley Sonnabend, Director
    6270 Ford-Wellpinit Road
    Wellpinit, WA 99040
    School Phone: 509-258-4535, ext. 5002
    School Fax: 509-258-7378