Wellpinit School District

Empowering Our Students Thru Education

Please call us at 509 258 4535.  At the prompt, type in the 4 digit extension.      
Adkins, John 4001 jadkins@wellpinit.org Superintendent District Office
Anderson, Rainy                4004 randerson@wellpinit.org  Business Manager District Office
Bair, Connie 2109/(S-5) cbair@wellpinit.org Attendance / Secretary Middle/High School
Bair, Louie 2000 (Msg.) lbair@wellpinit.org Custodian Elementary School
Bartolino, Terry 2195/(A-1) terryb@wellpinit.org Director of Programs Middle/High School
Belcher, Jessica 3212 jbelcher@wellpinit.org Teacher Elementary School
Benzo, Delanie 2125 dbenzo@wellpinit.org Teacher Middle/High School
Brown, Cheryl 2127 cbrown@wellpinit.org K-12 Art Elem / Middle / High School
Brown, Jeana 3201 jbrown@wellpinit.org Elem SpEd ParaPro Elementary School
Bruce, Michelle 2163 mbruce@wellpinit.org MS Science Teacher Middle School
Conlin, Kathy 2202/3117 kconlin@wellpinit.org Nurse Middle / High School
Cusick, Eric 2119 ecusick@wellpinit.org JROTC Instructor High School
Denison, LuAnne 509-793-1683 luanned@wellpinit.org Alternative Teacher Moses Lake Job Corps
Denison, Lucy 5004 ldenison@wellpinit.org   Middle/High School
Dorris, Madeline  2202      mdorris@wellpinit.org 3rd Grade Teacher Elementary
Elementary Speech 3204   Elementary School
Ewing, Kim 3115 kewing@wellpinit.org Principal - Elementary Elementary School
Filer, Julie 3201 jfiler@wellpinit.org Special Ed Elementary School
Flett, Geri 2165 gflett@wellpinit.org History Teacher Middle/High School
Flett, Larry 6001/ (M-1) lflett@wellpinit.org Head Mechanic Bus Garage
Gould, Nancy 2107 nancyg@wellpinit.org Para Pro Middle/High School
Gray, Mark 3218 graymark@wellpinit.org Teacher 4th Elementary School
Griepp, Sky 2166 sgriepp@wellpinit.org MS Math Teacher Middle / High School
Hegney, Susan 2236 shegney@wellpinit.org Teacher /Academic Counselor High School
Hein, Amanda 3207 ahein@wellpinit.org  1st gr Teacher Elementary School
Herda, Kris 2110 kherda@wellpinit.org Principal Middle/High School
Hernandez, Erica 3113 (S-7) ehernand@wellpinit.org Elem Secretary Elementary School
Hernandez, Apolonio 2345 ahernandez@wellpinit.org IDEG Director Middle/High School
Hunt, Nicoline 3209 nhunt@wellpinit.org 1-2 combo Teacher Elementary School
Iverson, Merry 2152 miverson@wellpinit.org SpEd ParaPro Middle/High School
Jolliff, Mickie 3212 mjolliff@wellpinit.org Para Pro Elementary
Julich, Donna 3000(msg.) djulich@wellpinit.org Full time sub Elementary
Lambert, Rick 2133 rlambert@wellpinit.org Teacher Middle/High School
LeBret, Larry 6001/(B-1) llebret@wellpinit.org Bus Driver / Maint. Bus Garage
Lovato, Jamie 2199 jlovato@wellpinit.org Para Pro Middle/High School
Lynn, Gene 3100/(S-3) glynn@wellpinit.org Bus Driver / Maint. Bus Garage
McCrea, Michelle 2145 / 3106 mmccrea@wellpinit.org Cook Middle/High School
Muse, Peggy 3338 pmuse@wellpinit.org Para Pro Elementary School
Nomee, Amber 2145 / 3106 anomee@wellpinit.org Cook Middle/High School
Nomee, Willard 6001/(B-9) wnomee@wellpinit.org Bus Driver Bus Garage
Page, Elisabeth 3337 epage@wellpinit.org Kindergarten Teacher Elementary School
Patterson, Mark 3211 mpat@wellpinit.org Teacher 4th Elementary School
Patterson, Mihoko mpatterson@wellpinit.org Elem Counselor Elementary School
Patton, Terry 2215 tpatton@wellpinit.org Technology Director Everywhere All At Once
Pauls, Clark 2008/2146 cpauls@wellpinit.org Physical ED Teacher Middle/High School
Payne, Gene 6001/(B-6) gpayne@wellpinit.org Bus Driver Bus Garage
Peone, Debborah 2162 dpeone@wellpinit.org L.A. Teacher Middle School
Perryman-Smith, Karen 509 793 1621 kperryman@wellpinit.org Teacher Moses Lake J.C.
Phillips, Claudia 2161 cphillips@wellpinit.org Sped/Occupational Therapy  Middle/High/Elem
Phillips, Laina lphillips@wellpinit.org 5th Grade Teacher Elementary School
Potter, Tara 3336 tpotter@wellpinit.org 4rd Grade Teacher Elementary School
Rajewski, Pam 3339 prajewski@wellpinit.org Para Pro Elementary School
Ramos, Debbie 2104/(S-5) dramos@wellpinit.org Secretary Middle/High School
Ramos, Greg 3302/(A-5) gramos@wellpinit.org Home Liason Elementary School
Reeves, Loy 2168 lreeves@esd101.net SpEd Middle/High School
Robinson, James 2116 jrobinson@wellpinit.org HS Math Middle/High School
Samuels, Desiree 2192 dsamuels@wellpinit.org Credit Retrieval Middle/High School
Rollins, Kathy krollins@wellpinit.org 3rd Grade Teacher Elementary School
Schwannecke, Ellen 2196 ellens@wellpinit.org Counselor Middle/High School
Scott, Chris 6001/(B-2) cscott@wellpinit.org Bus Driver Bus Garage
Scott, Joni 2235 jscott@wellpinit.org History/English Teacher High School
Seyler, Lisa 3210 lseyler@wellpinit.org 2nd gr Teacher Elementary
Sims, Amy 3338 asims@wellpinit.org Kindergarten Teacher Elementary
Sonnabend, Shelly 5002 ssonnabend@wellpinit.org Alternative Director Alternative Building
Spencer, Penny   2107 pspencer@wellpinit.org Para Ed High School
Stearns, Celia 4002 cstearns@wellpinit.org District Secretary District Office
Stensgar, Wendy 4005 wstensga@wellpinit.org Business Office District Office
Stout, Deborah 3000(msg.) dstout@wellpinit.org Custodian Elementary School
Swiatek, Jane 2233 jswiatek@wellpinit.org English Teacher High School
Taylor, Anne 3335 ataylor@wellpinit.org Elementary School
Teters, John 2206/(S-5) teters@wellpinit.org Registrar Middle / High School
Tomes, John jtomes@wellpinit.org K-12 Music Teacher Elem / Middle / High Schools
Van Horn, Dallas 509-874-8935 dvanhorn@wellpinit.org Teacher Ft. Simcoe Job Corps
Wilsey, Kris 3335 kwilsey@wellpinit.org 5th Grade Teacher Elementary School  
Wulczynski, Joseph 2121 jwulczynski@wellpinit.org JROTC Instructor High School
Wynecoop, Nora 2145/3106 nwynecoop@wellpinit.org Head Cook Middle/High School
Wynecoop, Wendy 2231 wwynecoo@wellpinit.org Home Liasion