Go Warriors!

Look below for a description of this week's learning opportunities.


    New News: 

    4 /13/20  For this week, 6th graders begin their unit study of Rational Numbers, 7th graders begin learning about Probability and Sampling, and 8th graders will begin studying about Associations in Data.  Printed packets are available each Wednesday at the school, and electronic copies are available in our google classroom - please check your school email for information on how to link to our google math classroom.


                                             - As always, I hope you all are doing well, taking care of each other, and doing what you need to stay healthy and happy.  I am just an email away if you have questions:  dpeone@wellpinit.org.






    Old News: 

    4/1/2020    For this week, 6th grade has a chance to practice with Exponents and The Distributive Property, 7th graders can continue reinforcing their skills with Rational Number Operations, and 8th graders can practice Solving Equations.  Printed packets are available at the Middle School, and electronic copies are available in our google classroom.


    3/25/2020    Ratios Review - This is a relevant topic for all three middle level grades!  Ratios help us  compare two or more quantities, and they are a great tool for describing relationships!  Students/families can pick up a review packet at the school on wednesday.  I've also put together a few Yahtzee game packs for families to take home if you like.  Yahtzee is a fun game, and a great way to reinforce basic number sense.

    More info coming soon for next week.  :)