• 2017-2018 School Year

    For High School English Language Arts Classes:
    Binder dividers
    Filler paper
    Pencil pouch
    Pencils, pens (blue/black), highlighters
    Thumb drive
    Additioanl for AP:
    3x5 index cards (1 pack), post it notes 
     Student Supplies needed for Mrs. Scott's classes:
    All classes EVERYDAY: 
    Notebook paper
    Other helpful but not required items:
    Jump drive
    Colored pencils 
    High School AVID Students:
    3 ring binder (minimum 2 1/2 to 3 inch)
    Zipper pouch
    High School Math Classes
    It is often helpful if students can purchase their own graphing calculator. The standard used by schools and for standardized testing is made by Texas instruments and is called the TI-83. The TI-83 can be purchased at virtually any office supplies store. They cost about $94.00 at Walmart.
    Here's a link to download a free virtual TI-83:
    Smart phones and computers can also be used as a graphing calculator by downloading a free app called DesMos.
    Here's a link to download the DesMos App: 
    We will do a lot of computations and graphing in math class.  Regular lined paper is great for English or taking notes but for math it is best to have graph paper. The best graph paper for math is called engineering paper. It has a greenish color, it's a little thinner than normal paper, and the graph is printed on the back side of the paper which allows it to be visible when needed for graphing but doesn't bother your eyes when you're writing out calculations. It is available at most office supply stores like office Depot. It would be great if your student had one pad of this paper for each semester.
    Here's a link so you can see what I am talking about:
    http://www.staples.com/engineering+paper/directory engineering+paper 
    In math people often make mistakes which need to be corrected. Please buy your student pencils for math class. No pens please.  the pencils can just be simple No. 2, wooden pencils but what is really awesome is a mechanical pencil with a twist up eraser. I love these because I tend to wear out the eraser pretty quickly on a regular wooden pencil.
    Here's a link to what, in my opinion, is the best mechanical pencil money can buy:
    http://www/staples.com/pental+twist+erase/directory pental+twist+erase?autocompletesearchkey=pental+twist+erase 
    Other than these few simple supplies everything else your student needs for his or her math class will be provided. 
    2017/18 Art Supplies (recommended)
    Pair of scissors
    Large eraser
    Mechanical pencil 0.5 lead
    Box of colored pencils
    Box of #2 pencils
    Watercolor tray with brush
    Transparent ruler