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Rob's Magical Mathematical Boot Camp

  • Rob's Magical Mathematical Boot Camp

    Click on the link above to download a PDF of my MATH BOOT CAMP!!  

    Log into Google Classroom to get videos and other support material for each section of the Boot Camp:

    1) Go to Google Classroom

    2) Click the Plus sign in the lower right hand corner of your screen to register for a new class

    3) Enter the Class Code to get into the Boot Camp site: 3zebanm

    This Math Boot Camp is a nice review of many of the major concepts typically covered in high school math.  It includes a list of useful math websites, some learning materials to help with each section, examples of each type of problem, and an answer key at the back of the packet so you can check your own work.  I worked hard at putting this together for you so I hope it helps!!  It offers an opportunity to review and sharpen your skills at concepts you have already learned as well as extend your learning into new mathematical concepts.  There is something here for everyone AND if you finish this whole packet and truly understand everything in it, I personally guarantee that your test scores WILL increase dramatically!!

    When it comes right down to it, learning is a personal thing.  We each have personal responsability for our own learning--other people may try to help by providing information, practice materials, encouragement, explaination, and so on, but, ultimately, each individual controls what does or does not go into their own brain.  For the most part it comes down to wanting to learn, never giving up, and putting in the work until mastery is achieved.  I have tought myself how to do many things over the course of my own life and I continue to try to learn something new every day.  Little by little, bit by bit, we can develop true wisdom in this manner.  It takes time and hard work BUT it can also become a healthy addiction!!  Personally, I love the challenge of learning something new!!   I hope that you will develop a similar love for learning new things!!  I wish you all the success and happiness this world has to offer!!  Enjoy!!

    If you need to contact me to get questions answered, you can reach me at the following two places: 


    PHONE: 258-4535, Ext. 2166