• Dear Families,

    Due to current concerns regarding the COVID-19 (Corona) virus, we are prepared for a district wide school closure. Please know we have been using hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes multiple times a day to help cut down on any possibility of spreading the illness.

    Due to the closure, there are a few things you can do to get work for your student. You can visit the High School/ Middle School and pick up a packet of materials. These should be available to you every Wedensday (except during Spring Break) for the length of the closure. and/or go to the district website, www.wellpinit.org, click on ‘Staff’, click on Mrs. Page or Mrs. Sims name. This will take you to our webpages where you can view and print off the materials. These are free resorces we have found from other teachers offering them for free as supplemental work. 

    If you are unable to acquire materials for your child you can do the following each day to help ensure that their learning continues. You can also contact either of us (Mrs. Page or Mrs. Sims) and we will do our best to help you acquire materials for you child.

    1. Read- have your child read to themselves, to someone else, or read to them DAILY! Any and all reading is very important, even being read to. On any typical Kindergarten day your child is reading ( or being read with) at least 60 minutes.
    2. Write- Have your child write as much as they can. They may write a story, the ABC’s, lists, facts, anything they know and want to write about. Any and all writing is encouraged. Also know that at the Kindergarten level children spell words ‘the way they sound’ (i.e. tiger = tigr; play = pla; house = hs)
    3. Math- Practice counting to 100 by 1’s and 10’s; count the steps taken; make predictions of the amount of things; create simple addition problems with things around the house (2 spoons plus 4 more make…) talk about math around your house and in the car.
    4. I-READY- using the link https://login.i-ready.com/ on your own laptop, desktop, or chrome book, your student can access their math curriculum at home. They need their personal login information which we have sent home in the past.  If it did not make it home, please contact us and we will get it to you.
    5. Waterford- Our students have been using a supplemental reading program in class called Waterford. They may now access this program at home too! You must have provided an email address to us so we can send you a secured link for you to open the login site online. Please contract us if you have NOT ALREADY RECIECVED an email link and we will get you set up.

    Please know that Mrs. Page, Mrs. Sims, and Ms. Peggy take the health and well being of your students as our first priority. We also take their education very seriously and are striving to get good materials to you so your student and continue to learn and grow during this difficult situation. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out and we will assist you as best we can. We will continue to monitor ClassDojo and our emails so communication may continue. Thank you for letting us be a part of your child’s education. Please know we are going to miss them all and cannot wait to welcome them back to class.


    Mrs. Page, Mrs. Sims, and Ms. Peggy

    506-258-4535 ext. 3337 & 3338