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    My name is Shawn Brehm, and I have the honor to serve as the K-12 Music Teacher in the Wellpinit School District. 


    We are constantly looking to stream-line the process during this time, and will continue to be a work in progress, so make sure you are checking back regularly! (at least once a week if possible!) 


    As we move into Week 8 of the 2020-21 Academic Year, we have already learned a lot. We have gone from just paper packets in the Spring, to link lists, to YouTube hyperlinks on the Wellpinit Music Department Facebook, to warehousing all videos and CPF's on Google Drive (which you will see those links below,) to now making THIS the official clearinghouse for EVERYTHING!!! This way, all you have to do is hit the main Wellpinit Schools page, click on my name in the directory, and once you click directly on the link for your class... and you are all set!!!


    Like I said... we are still a work in progress... but we are getting closer and closer!!!


    Here are links to all of our class's Google Drive folders:

    Wellpinit Elementary Music Classes

         Kindergarten General Music

         First Grade General Music

         Second Grade General Music

         Third Grade General Music

         Fourth Grade General Music

         Fifth Grade General Music

    Wellpinit MS/HS Music Classes

         MS/HS Band/Choir

    MS Attendance Check-in (Thursdays ONLY!!!)

    HS Attendance Check-in (EVERY Tuesday & Thursday!!!)

         EWU MUSC 212

    HS Attendance Check-in (EVERY Tuesday & Thursday!!!)

    The MS/HS Music Zoom Room 

    (Open on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 1-1:45 for MUSC 212, 2-3:45pm for MS/HS Band/Choir)

    NOTEAttendance is NOT mandatory for Zooms... these times are your chance to stop in and get some help, get your questions answered, or even just say "hi." They are a TOOL, NOT a requirement... if we ever "strongly encourage" you to be there, you will be given plenty of warning!

    Other Websites of Interest

    PBS Kids: Music Games for Kids (Elementary Students)

    Essential Elements Interactive (MS & HS Band Students)

    Music: A Social Experience Companion Web-site (MUSC 212 Students)

    Music Theory.net (A great resource for those that want to find out what makes music tick!)

    Finale Notepad Download Site (A great, FREE tool to help you write your own music. HIGHLY recommended!)