Fort Simcoe Open Doors Reengagement Academy

  • Fort Simcoe Open Doors Reengagement Academy

    The Fort Simcoe Open Doors Reengagement Academy(FSODRA) is located on the Columbia Basin Job Corps site in White Swan, WA.

    Each student who arrives at (FSODRA)  will have begun an Individual Career Pathway Plan with Job Corps admissions staff. This plan describes the student’s realistic and attainable academic, career and personal goals. Job Corps staff will meet with the SEA staff to determine if the student will be enrolled in the High School diploma track or the GED track. Students are provided with an orientation and enrolled in the Student Engagement Academy.

    The student’s first Case Management meeting will take place with both their Case Manager and the certified teacher, if they are special Ed, the special education instructor will meet with them as well. They will work to help each student take their long term goals of GED or High School diploma and create an individual High School and Beyond Plan (this can also be their transition plan for those students in Sped) to ensure they are on track to meet their goals based on their specific background and situation. The Case Manager will remain in contact with the student monthly to provide support as needed. The will continue to meet with the Case Manager and SEA team every 1-3 months to adjust and update their plan as needed.

    Career Readiness

    All students enrolled in Columbia Basin Job Corps participate in Career Readiness Training. They will complete coursework where they will learn study skills, attendance, self-care and other skills. Students will learn how to look for jobs, practice their interview skills, and build resumes. They will also focus on employability skills such as communication, responding to supervision and staying on task.


    The Job Corps program also requires that students choose one of the available trades offered at the site. By completing their chosen trade program the student will obtain industry-recognized credentials. They will have the option to participate in Work Based Learning to get real work experience in their field. Students who are enrolled in the High School Diploma program will receive High School Credit for their successful completion of the Career Readiness and Trade courses where applicable.

             Trades offered: Carpentry, Painting, Automotive Technology, Heavy Equipment Operator, Heavy Equipment Mechanical Repair.

    Academic Options

    Upon entry to the Job Corps, all students take the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) in Reading and Math. All eligible students will meet with the case manager and choose either the GED program or the High School Diploma. Wellpinit Fort Simcoe High School is an accredited high school.

     Student Engagement Academy Program

    Program Model

    Who is an eligible OD student?

    • Between the ages of 16 and 21 as of 9/1
    • Not enrolled in a high school program
    • Resident of reporting school district or has completed transfer or inter-district agreement.
    • Not graduated from high school
    • Significantly behind in credits needed to earn a high school diploma. Credit deficiency must be calculated.
    • After determining not to be credit deficient, student has been recommended to enroll by:

    Department of Social and Health Services, Juvenile Justice System, District designated personnel, Staff from agencies which provided educational advocacy services. Documentation of student’s credit deficiency calculation and if necessary, the recommendation must be retained.


    Rick Lambert, Instructor,     509-874-8935

    De Lane Miller, Reengagement Coach,   509-874-8932